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What is all of the hype about mini lifts? Curious what it is and if it’s for you? You’ve heard of facelifts which correct severe jowling, neck fullness, and lower facial laxity. A facelift is perfect for someone with thick skin and for those who have moderate to severe aging changes. What if you’re not ready for a facelift? Maybe your skin laxity is no longer able to be addressed with Botox and fillers, so now you’re looking for a surgical option to achieve your goals but are not yet ready for a full facelift. You are a great candidate for a mini lift!

A mini lift is a great option to tighten up the lower part of the face and to remove some of the redundant lower facial skin and laxity. This surgery will not cause a drastic change in the way a person looks. Afterwards, you will look refreshed, and your family, friends and colleagues won’t be able to pinpoint why you look so good-they just know that you do. You’ll look great afterward but still yourself.

A mini lift is a great option as you’ll still get improvements without the added risks and downtime that can come with a full facelift. Generally speaking, good candidates for mini lifts are men and women in their mid to late 40s, 50s, and sometimes even into their 60s or 70s. The exact age that’s “right” for a mini lift varies depending on a bunch of factors, including the amount of facial aging a person has, smoking, sun damage, skin thickness, facial fat, facial bone structure, and the degree of change a person wants from the surgery.

When you meet with a member of our team we will discuss your concerns with and determine which treatment makes the most sense for you.