One mom's letter as to why she gave her daughter a gift of rhinoplasty

Nobody in my family had ever had any doubts that Mike and I have beautiful daughter: all through her childhood and teenage years she was a stunning kid. Long dark hair, well-proportioned ears, blue eyes and dark skin. She is a little stubborn when it comes to not getting her way but that is about it for flaws.

She has been complaining about having a large nose and needing a teenage rhinoplasty since she was an early teen but I always thought those rhinoplasty concerns were on par with other “teenager” worries like lopsided ears, receding chin and I wish I had the shape of my nose changed.

While I was processing all this, it was reminding me of my own teenage worries and that I too had emotions and facial concerns, for example I always thought my nose was a little droopy, and  a little bit of a nasal hump. Well, when Sarah started to talk about “nose job” I thought she was not serious and I sort of dismissed all those rhinoplasty worries reminding her to focus not on her nose but on what is inside her heart.

When she was a high school senior she finally came to me said straight to my face that she needed rhinoplasty. Initially I thought “you have wonderful nose, just like me and you are so beautiful”, but as she went on and my husband joined the conversation were realized that Sarah was making sense about nose job.

She explained that for her entire life people made comments about her nose, it had been called special and unique but also by some other names. We, her parents saw her nose as flawless and beautiful but we also got her point about why she wanted teenage rhinoplasty. When looking at the mirror she saw that her nose was out of proportion to her other facial features and Sarah felt she would be more confident and feel more secure if she had a rhinoplasty.

Sarah has always been punctual organized, a kid with good endurance for sports and study so we took her nose job concerns to heart. After thinking about her request, I formulated what was required of her before we agreed to a rhinoplasty: she had to talk to a therapist to make sure it was clear to her that she is making a life-long changes to her nose with rhinoplasty. Sarah would also contribute financially to her nose job surgery and finally she would have to be prepared to have nose surgery and meet with several facial plastic surgeons.

Sarah was happy to meet all of my requirements. She started to save money for rhinoplasty from her after school job and also met with a therapist. Once we zoomed in on two facial plastic surgeons in Palm Beach area I let Sarah make the final decision. She decided to see Dr. DeRosa of DeRosa Clinic for her rhinoplasty consult to much of my relief. I had Dr. DeRosa as my choice number one as well.

Dr. DeRosa took plenty of time examining Sarah what would it be like having a teenage rhinoplasty and recovering from it. She carefully discussed with Sarah what exactly was bothering her about her nose and why she wanted a nose job. It is quite common for teenagers to be uncomfortable with their rapidly changing faces, especially the noses and the ears and sometimes those facial concerns are quite valid. Dr. DeRosa totally understood that and related her assessment to my daughter in plain lingo and not a facial plastic surgeon vocabulary. Dr. DeRosa even suggested that we may want to wait a little bit to give it another thought if Sarah was unsure about as to what kind of nose she wanted.

Dr. DeRosa was warm and personable and she projected so much confidence and skill that we decided to forgo a consult with another facial plastic surgeon. She reviewed her gallery of patient photos with both of us and I knew right there and then that Sarah would get a nose she always wanted at the DeRosa Clinic.

The rhinoplasty surgery and post-operative period were flawless and Sarah is incredibly pleased with the result of her nose job. She is now a more confident person than ever and I know undoubtfully that we made the right choice by entrusting Sarah’s rhinoplasty surgery to Dr. DeRosa.

Dr. DeRosa and a patient discu

Dr. DeRosa discusses expectations of rhinoplasty with her patient.

Dr. DeRosa discusses rhinoplas

Dr. DeRosa discusses primary rhinoplasty with one of her patients.