Facelift Vs. Mini Facelift. What's the Difference?

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Aging and extensive sun damage can lead to loss of skin elasticity, causing issues like sagging facial skin. Some people turn to plastic surgery when over-the-counter creams are not successful. Double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa provides full facelift and mini facelift surgery for men and women in Palm Beach, FL.

Do you want smoother and more defined facial features? A full facelift or mini facelift could achieve these goals, but which one should you choose? Read below or turn to the ant-aging specialists at DeRosa Center Plastic Surgery to learn the differences between these procedures. Call our office to schedule your facelift evaluation today.

What is facelift surgery?

There are many circumstances that determine how our skin ages as we get older. Sun exposure, smoking, stress, and genetics all play a role. Modern facelift procedures remove excess sagging skin and reposition the underlying tissues for a smoother appearance. All facelift techniques require a consultation with a trained plastic surgeon. When you visit Dr. DeRosa, we can review your problem spots and make recommendations based on your skin condition and end goals.

The differences between a full facelift and mini facelift

Full facelift surgery provides more comprehensive correction. It mainly focuses on the mid to lower face and neck. For this reason, men and women with looseness in the jowls and neckline may be better candidates for full facelift surgery in Palm Beach, FL.

A mini facelift is less extensive and does not always involve the neck. Instead, it combats overall mild to moderate signs of aging in patients. Most candidates who undergo mini facelift surgery are younger and exhibit some sagging in the mid-face area.

Comparing full facelift and mini facelift recovery

A mini facelift requires smaller incisions and minimal modifications. You will also experience fewer symptoms, such as pain and discomfort, redness, and swelling, during mini facelift recovery. However, the results from full facelift surgery last much longer than those of a mini facelift. Patients can also expect surgery and downtime to be more involved. No matter which procedure you choose, the professionals at DeRosa Center Plastic Surgery can prepare you for surgery and recovery.

Your facelift expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to any facelift surgery. Patients can bring Dr. DeRosa photos of their own face from 5 – 10 years ago so we can have a good idea about your desired results. Of course, no surgery can prevent aging skin from happening in the future. This is why Dr. DeRosa encourages all patients to take care of their skin after surgery by protecting it from sun damage.

Schedule your facelift evaluation

Some people are afraid that plastic surgery will make them look “worked on” or “fake.” Instead, the patients of Dr. Jaimie DeRosa are a testament to our surgical and artistic skill. DeRosa Center Plastic Surgery uses advanced tools and techniques to provide smoother results and a natural, rested appearance. Whether you choose full facelift surgery or a mini facelift, our trained team has performed countless procedures in Palm Beach, FL, and the surrounding communities. Contact us to schedule your facelift assessment today.